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Upper Limb Disorders (ULDs)


ULDs  include disorders of the fingers, wrist, arm, shoulder & occasionally neck.  They encompass the disorders often referred to as Repetitive Strain injuries & Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).


Mechanical stresses and psychosocial influences affect ULDs.  Identifying any underlying causes & taking relevant action can prevent deterioration of the condition which can lead to recurrent problems, disability, low employee morale & litigation. 



managing upper limb disorders


ULDs are a common problem that can affect some people regardless of their work.  However, employers should have effective systems to demonstrate they have assessed risks & taken any relevant action. 


We can help employers to: 

  • Meet their responsibility to assess & control risks of ULDs
  • Help develop systems for early identification of ULDs  
  • Review any employees suffering from ULDs 
  • Recomend action the employee & employer can take to speed recovery & prevent further problems 
  • Liase with other health professionals where necessary
  • Advise on the employees fitness to work
  • Recommend rehabilitation plans that aim to return your employee to their unrestricted duties
  • Review progress & provide follow up advice
  • Provide professional reports & information to demonstrate the action taken  







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