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Once caught, there is no treatment for the flu (pharmacy preparations only treat the symptoms).


However, flu can be prevented.  A vaccine is produced every year based on the strains of virus expected to be circulating.  Many studies demonstrate that flu vaccination programmes can save money by decreasing employee absenteeism and maintaining productivity in your workforce.  We have found that employers who introduce flu vaccination programmes do so again & again because they see a useful benefit.  Employees also recognise the commitment of their employer in reducing workplace absence by positive interventions. 



About the Flu Vaccination

Flu Vaccination is one of the most effective ways companies can protect employee health & prepare for a future flu epidemic.  


Contrary to popular belief, it cannot cause the flu since it is made from 'dead' virus.  It works by showing the body what the culprit looks like so that we make antibodies in readiness.  Those who come into contact with the flu virus after vaccination therefore tend to fight it off much more easily.  


By pre-ordering our vaccine very early, we are able to offer vaccination programmes at a very competitive price.  Whether at our clinic or your workplace; our experienced staff are well equipped to care for your employees & to put them at ease.  If you wish to arrange a flu vaccination rogramme for your workforce, please call or complete our contact form.  A member of staff will contact you to discuss your requirements.





Influenza in the workplace


Influenza or 'flu' occurs mainly in the winter months and can result in widespread disruption to the workplace.   Though it tends to be more serious in the elderly, it is highly infectious to all ages & can cause 1-2 weeks absence, with fatigue lasting much longer.  Symptoms of flu include fever, headache, aching muscles & severe respiratory symptoms.  

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