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preventing litigation for Repetitive Strain injury (RSI)


We know that many employees use computers at home.  They also use game consoles & text phones, carry out DIY & do other things that can trigger any of the musculoskeletal problems we collectively call RSI. 


Employers cannot always prevent RSI but you can ensure that you are able to demonstrate that it did not occur due to your negligence.   


Following the  DSE Regulations can help you do this.  These require employers to:


  • Analyse workstations
  • Assess and reduce risks
  • Ensure workstations meet specified requirements
  • Plan activities to include breaks or changes of activity
  • Provide eye and eyesight tests on request
  • Provide information and training on the risks of DSE use.






    Our knowledgeable assessors will provide a thorough assessment of your employees workstation setup.  Rather than simply completing forms, we will ensure they fully understand why & how to apply good posture techniques relevant to their work.


    We will also advise you & your employees about how to deal with any current problems.  


    Employees will be left feeling supported & safer.  Employers will have information & evidence in order to demonstrate reasonable action has been taken to prevent musculoskeletal problems such as RSI.   


    There is no need to pay exorbitant fees for DSE assessments or to compromise on quality.  Our service has built its reputation on providing outstanding care at sensible prices.  Costs depend on the number of assessments required but start from £30 each when our Specialists are booked for a full day. 








    Talk to us about FREE mobile testing and optician services for larger companies. 


    Our association with a major eyesight testing provider enables us to offer an excellent service that will allow all of your employees to attend a free eyesight test carried out by fully qualified opticians. 


    All employees receive a voucher for £30 off any glasses purchased.  DSE users & other employees can use their voucher to obtain a free pair of glasses or contribute to their choice from a large selection.   Alternatively they can simply take thier prescription elsewhere.


    The service enables you to fully comply with DSE eyesight requirements at no cost to the business.  In addition, other employees can access the benefit of this vital health assessment.


    (This service can also supply safety glasses).  


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