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It can be hard to distinguish work related & non work related backpain because of a combination of different contributing factors:

  • Posture & manual handling activities at home & work,
  • Past medical & employment history
  • Psychological factors 

Though it can be very uncomfortable, most cases will resolve without any significant treatment & by staying active whilst improving posture & fitness.  Despite this, many people mistakenly think that inactivity will resolve the problem.  Whilst others continue to have poor posture & use incorrect manual handling methods.     


We can help you make sense of the problem, helping you & your employee make informed choces. 







Early active management is highly recommended to ensure both employees & employers carry out the correct action.  


Prolonged 'rest' can be counterproductive but returning to unsuitable work may aggravate a problem & lead to further illness & accompanying litigation.


We can review information about the workplace & assess the symptoms & fitness of your employee. 


With an objective & impartial assessment from professionals who understand the workplace, we can help you to manage employees suffering with back pain by: 

We can also provide pre-employment medical assessments to identify individuals physical ability to cope with any manual handling required




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